Power Platform Accessibility 101

The Power Platform isn’t just Power Apps! In the same way, Accessibility doesn’t just apply to Power Apps. It applies to Power Pages, Power BI and more. Join me for a 101 session looking at Accessibility Fundamentals and then doing a tour of how these apply to what we build in the Power PLATFORM.

Scoping your Dynamics 365 Project for Success

What do you need to do to set up your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project for Success Whether you are using the waterfall or agile approach to your project, knowing what you will deliver is essential for success – and sometimes to quote your client for the work!

Power Platform Administration Basics

This session was focused
Managing a low-code, high-productivity tool like the Power Platform isn’t easy. In this session, you’ll learn how to set up a Power Platform for effective administration.

Performance Testing for D365 Fin&Ops and CE

How to plan and perform performance testing of D365 Finance and operation.
Why performance testing is important
Which project phase performance testing can be perform
Tools for performance testing.

The Power of Data Event: Dynamics 365 FO with Power Platform

In this session, we will learn about Dataverse data events and Finance and Operations events. A deep dive into new capabilities around virtual tables to participate in asynchronous mode using the Dataverse Event Framework.

Demystify Finance & Operations convergence with Power Platform

In this session we will look at platform convergence capabilities and talk about current and upcoming features. Learn how to unlock seamless integration, empowering businesses with enhanced automation and insights.

Building Project Operations PoCs with Power Automate

The Project Operations data model is difficult. While a ProjOps consultant should know its data model well, a developer working on a plethora of different D365 1st party apps might not know how the ProjOps data model works and what the do’s and don’ts are. 

Getting started on Microsoft Learn & roadmap to exam success using Microsoft Learn

In this session, Microsoft Learn is a newly announced platform that is one-stop shop of Microsoft World Wide Learning for Learners. A dynamic pathway to exam success through interactive modules and comprehensive learning paths.

A Form, a Flow and a Power BI Streaming Dataset Walk Into a Bar

This was a live demo session that demonstrated the Microsoft Power Platform of products working together to create an interactive data application. Real-time data analytics and automation start mixing it up!

Measuring Digital Transformation with Business Adoption

The session was focused on

involves gauging business adoption rates across various digital tools and platforms. By tracking the extent to which employees and stakeholders embrace new technologies, organizations can assess the efficacy of their digital transformation initiatives.

Automate file processing with Power Automate (RPA)

A real-world use case to solved manually time-consuming process by using power automate cloud and desktop.
This session covered how we triggered cloud flow with azure blob storage and process large files with powerautomate desktop, and input information to our legacy system.

Think your data is secure? Are you sure? You might need to think again.

Consider the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and the importance of implementing robust measures to protect sensitive information. Organizations must continually reassess and fortify their security protocols to safeguard valuable data assets

Inspire Makers in your business to create amazing solutions with the Power Platform

The session was focused on inspiring makers in your business to unleash their creativity with the Power Platform, empowering them to build innovative solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. 

Advanced Tips on Data Entity Development in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

When developing data entities, there is not than just use the wizard to get the first basic artifacts. Join this session to learn e.g. how to create entities for tables that can’t be used with the wizard, and how to deal with attachments. 

Using HTML to add cool features to your Power BI reports

n this session, I will show how to use some helpful HTML tags to take your reports to the next level. How to make Power BI images/icons more interesting. How to embed videos inside your report. How to use Google Fonts in your Text Box. How to add some movement (scroll) to your text. 
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