Mike Hartley

Mike Hartley

Hart of the Midlands - Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Accessibility Advocate, Mental Health Champion, Community Cheerleader Microsoft MVP (verified)

About Speaker

Passionate, Enthusiastic, Encouraging, Challenging, Uncompromising... yeah, those have all been applied to me along with a few I can't put here.

Mad about all things Microsoft, a cheerleader for Community, and an Advocate for all things to do with Accessibility, Mental Health, Diversity, Inclusion and more... You're in for a ride and a half when you come and join one of my sessions.

An IT veteran (read: he's old and carries the battle scars) and awarded Microsoft MVP Business Applications in 2021. Keen to share with people the awesomeness of the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 but also educating people on how important it is to include Accessibility in everything we do - and to do so right at the beginning, not as an "optional extra"

Good humoured story-telling, sharp insights, and a call to action are guaranteed in every session!

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2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Power Platform Accessibility 101

Description The Power Platform isn't just Power Apps! Shocking news for some I know. In the same way, Accessibility doesn't just apply to Power Apps. It applies to Power Pages, Power BI and more. Join me for a 101 session looking at Accessibility Fundamentals and then doing a tour of how these apply to what we build in the Power PLATFORM. Notes and comments If chosen, could I please have a GMT friendly timeslot

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