EY Kalman

EY Kalman

Microsoft MVP/MCT | Dynamics 365/Power Platform Technology Evangelist | Host of #TheOopsFactor series

About Speaker

As a PowerPlatform & Dynamics 365 Evangelist, I combine my understanding of business and software applications to demonstrate how technology can assist in digitally transforming organisations.

Having been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 3.0, I have kept up to date with the new products and capabilities that are continuing to be released. In turn, this then allows for expansion of the technology and new, better ways in which we can utilise technology for our gains.

I have worked with companies across multiple sectors, including:

- Energy wholesale & distribution

- Wealth Management/Asset Investment

- Professional Services

- Local Government

I gain an understanding of the current state of the business; both in terms of the actual 'as-is' business processes, as well as the company vision and plan. With that in hand, I then look to see how technology can support, empower and transform things using Microsoft Business Applications such as :

- Dynamics 365

- Power Platform

- Common Data Service

- Power Apps

- Power Automate

Over the years, I have been involved across the entire project lifecyle, covering things such as Business Analysis, Support, Training, System Architecture and Pre-Sales. Recently I have been focusing more on my pre-sales skillset, as this is key to getting clients to realise for themselves how technology can support and enable them to do better, which in turn leads to better projects.

Since early 2018, I have also been involved with the UK's Dynamics 365 and PowerPlatform Communities, attending events, helping others, and speaking as well. Engaging with this wider community has allowed me to expand my product knowledge, as well as being able to see how we can leverage technology in one scenario, and apply it to a completely different scenario.

I am also currently focusing on Omnichannel for Dynamics 365, and communicating publicly through my blog and channel as to how this can really benefit clients and their customers. My aim is to be able to provide a resource on this topic that anyone can access and use to help see how it can help with their own scenarios, and how to go about implementing it.

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12:00 am - 11:45 am

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